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Toys ‘R’ Us to Reopen U.S. Stores

Toys “R” Us stores are coming back from the dead by the end of this year, as the retail chain plans to open a half-dozen stores in the U.S. and an e-commerce center. Richard Barry, who used to serve as a Toys “R” Us executive, has been privately teasing the toy chain’s potential comeback to toymakers and at industry events, including one slated for this week, Bloomberg reported. The retail chain’s stores are expected to be a third of the size of the previous Toys “R” Us outlets with a…

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New York Law Gives Illegals ‘Ability to Vote’ After Obtaining Driver’s License

A New York state law that allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses is likely to also enable them to vote in elections, according to state officials. The law, supported by state Democrats and the big business lobby, allows the 725,000 illegal aliens to be eligible for driver’s licenses when they are of age. State officials, even a Democrat state Senator, say the law will effectively allow illegal aliens to vote in elections. “Theoretically, they could have the ability to vote,” Democrat state Sen. Luis Sepúlvedahe (D) said, according to…

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