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Hayward: Passive Conservatives Urge Surrender on Social Media

For the passive conservatives — those who prefer losing but remaining “principled” while the left does everything it takes to win, those who believe no hill is worth dying on — the battle for social media is over. The right should cede the battlegrounds of Facebook and Twitter to politicized Big Tech and the social justice warriors holding its leash, as the right has given ground before every left-wing cultural offensive for the past fifty years. We let the left take over education and entertainment and that worked out just…

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Embarrassing Twitter Story About An Oblivious Woman In A Cafe Is All Of Us

Literally everyone experiences embarrassment from time to time. Of course, some more than others, and we feel for those poor souls. This Twitter user documented her experience with a fellow cafe patron that kind of just sums up those awkward run-ins that make one immediately go red in the face.

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31 Toddler Tidbits To Remind You That Those Little Sh*ts Truly Are The Spawns Of Satan

Toddlers really don’t get enough credit for how terrible they are. They scream in public places, they’re old enough to talk back to you, and they have meltdowns over the most mundane things. That age group is called the “terrible twos” for a reason after all, as any parent can attest to.  To any toddler-parent who’s reading this, all we can say is, you got this. And if you don’t got this, there’s always adoption.

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