The Emptiness Of John Lennon’s Ideology – My Revision Of ‘IMAGINE’


I have never understood humanity’s eager acceptance of John Lennon’s world view, especially how they embrace the ideology nestled in his famous ‘IMAGINE’ song.

The entire foundation of John’s beliefs is rooted in atheistic communism, where there is ultimately no reason or rhyme, just mindless acquiescence to nothingness & wildly unrealistic goals.

The concept of ‘no countries’ where we are all subject to a singularity of sovereignty creates a myriad of problems, not the least of which is our loss of freedom through forced group think. When you remove borders, you eliminate the opportunity for the free exchange of ideas between cultures, & the protection of those values within each border.

Imagine(no pun intended), if the universal standard of living was Hitler’s Third Reich, or Stalin’s Soviet oppression?

It might be a nice exercise to believe that our utopia would encompass all the better angels of our nature, but given our natural inclination to imperfection & tribalism, there is no scenario we can conjure up to convince us that a harmonious society is achievable in the natural world. 

This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that we must look outside of ourselves, to a perfect arbiter, in order to dwell in John Lennon’s realm. 

The problem is, Lennon leaves us no room in his vision for this perfection. When he kills off religion, heaven, & hell, he has undermined the entire premise of his dreams. When we are living in a world with no accountability & a righteous judge who rewards & disciplines, we will continue to circle down the drain of degradation.

The fact is, we can only arrive at heaven’s gate when we acknowledge the perfect central figure who is exclusively capable of crafting such a world.

My revision to ‘IMAGINE’ reveals the author of our TRUE UTOPIA, so much more fulfilling & REAL than John Lennon’s imagination.

Take a look below:

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