“The Light Of Eternity” Martin’s Near Death Experience #nde – Learning About Heaven EP 166


“The Light Of Eternity” is the Near Death Experience of Martin who is hit by a car while riding his bike and goes on an amazing adventure. Martin’s descriptions of his journey stand out for their clear, simple and concise language and his understanding of what happened. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1martin_w_nde.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://martinwentzel.se/en/min-n%C3%A4ra-d%C3%B6den-upplevelse1/the-light-in-the-tunnel-artwork-43681831 Country of Origin: Sweden
EXPERIENCE:. October 1986
Documented: 6/10/2017 1. I floated in a warm, soft sea of light that consisted of glistening and vibrating colored crystals … When I looked up and around me there was only light. There was nothing to fasten my glance upon. I sought reference points in order to understand where I was, and which direction was up and down. I looked down and saw my body, which to my great amazement, was completely transparent and glowed like a powerful light-tube. 2. In spite of my being in a light that was unbelievably stronger than the sun, I noted that I emanated a light that was still stronger than the light I found myself in. How was that possible? … I have learned afterwards that the reason for this was that I reflected all light around me which shone toward my transparent non-physical body. 3. Then the floating wave-motion decreased and I could see that I stood on a light platform surrounded by a glittering mass of light that consisted only of high and warm vibrations. 4. I became curious 5. With the power of thought and will, I was dragged down through the light and I stopped about a hundred feet above the scene of the accident. 6. When I looked down at him, it hurt inside of me. When I met my own feeling, it felt as if my own focus sank from my brain down to my heart and then out in and through my entire body. Then it flamed up around me. It felt as if somebody sent an electric current through me and I was coupled into an entirely new and much higher energy system. I felt this very strongly. It also felt as if I were filled with an indescribable power and for the first time I felt as if I were completely myself. 7. I became conscious that I am a part of the godly soul which is and exists in many different dimensions simultaneously. 8. When I focused more thoroughly on the young man lying there on the ground, I noticed that he still had a strong energy radiation in spite of his soul having left his body. When my radiating energies met those coming from him, there was a spark and I could directly know his thoughts, feelings and earlier experiences in life. Then, to my amazement, I was aware that it is me who is lying there! 9. I felt a strong pull back up to the light platform that I had come from. I just relaxed and was drawn back up and into the light. I felt how the light began to radiate warm vibrations toward me and I had a feeling that I was not alone. The vibrations increased in power and when I looked up, I saw five silhouettes that slowly appeared before me as transparent light-beings. It was as if they had appeared from another dimension. The light-beings were surrounded by a clean and clear crystal-light. I felt a close bond with them. To meet them was like meeting old, good friends again. It was as if I had been on a long vacation. Our light melded together and it felt as if we had become one. We had like fireworks of pulsating and sparkling colors around us. I felt how my energy was transformed upwards and I came into still higher vibrations of light. 10. When I focused on the light source, I received an experience that the energies moved clockwise in a spiral toward the light. The closer I came to the light, the more the strong light-beams toned up before me which filled the entire sky like a huge fan. The radiating light consisted of high vibrations in the warmest and most beautiful pastel colors. Everything was surrounded and permeated of an endless crystal light. 11. All this light came from a radiating light Being with a big smile and open arms who welcomed me. It felt like a warm reunion with my very best friend. … . It felt like coming home. We stood there on a high plateau in heavenly beautiful nature. Below to the left was a valley where a river flowed. Further away in the valley, I saw a powerful and clear light that one cannot describe with words. I wondered then if this light could come from the famous crystal city. 12. Time here on earth we measure in a linear time system. … On the other side one does not measure time as we do. One lives in and through different conditions of vibrations. I did not measure knowledge and experience as I do here. I went into and experienced different vibrational conditions, which together, gave me an instantaneous intuition about all which is and is not. In this pure, godly condition we all have access to everything that is.