Timcast IRL – Donald Trump INDICTED, NYPD Orders FULL Mobilization Fearing Unrest w/Destiny


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Destiny @destiny (instagram)
UncensoredAmerica.US Hosts: Tim @Timcast (everywhere) Ian @IanCrossland (everywhere)
Serge @sergedotcom (everywhere) Podcast available on all podcast platforms! 0:00 – Intros
4:48 – Donald Trump Has Been INDICTED
19:02 – Donald Trump Responds To Indictment
39:17 – Ron DeSantis Says Florida Will Not Assist In Extradition of Trump
52:10 – Trump Charges Include Falsifying Business Records
1:07:00 – NYPD Mobilizes ALL Officers
1:23:30 – Explicit Books In Schools
1:35:40 – Super Chats
2:01:30 – Outros