“We Needed To Walk Forward” Donna’s Near Death Experience #nde – Learning About Heaven EP 225


“We Needed To Walk Forward” is the Near Death Experience of Donna who dies while attempting suicide by hanging herself with an electric chord, heads into the Tunnel and notices quite a group of people with her. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1donna_nde_8515.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://www.saatchiart.com/print/Painting-Light-at-the-End-of-the-Tunnel/535004/2808259/view Experience:. 2/18/2018
Documented on NDERF: 3/3/2018 1. The next moment, I found myself in a dimly lit tunnel. I could see a light at the very end, but it was not bright. I remember thinking I needed to walk in that direction. As I began to walk I noticed there were other people walking in the same direction. It’s as if I knew they were people but I could not see faces. They appeared as only silhouettes. They were shadow-like but somehow I knew they were other people like myself. It wasn’t overly crowded but there were quite a few of us there. I remember feeling the need to walk forward and stay with the other people. 2. It was devoid of emotion. I didn’t have feelings of either happiness or sadness. I was just going through the motions of what I needed to do, which was to walk forward. I could feel my legs moving underneath me but I never looked down or back. No words were spoken among those of us who were there. I recall looking around trying to identify others in my proximity. I don’t recall coldness or heat at all. I just remember the necessity to continue to walk toward the dim light. 3. First I remember feeling as if I were being pulled back to my body. When I actually returned, it felt as though I was slammed back into my body so hard that it was actually very painful. It was like I had fallen. 4. Did you pass into or through a tunnel? Yes The tunnel was dark but not so dark that I could not see around me. It was dimly lit. I don’t recall the ground but it seemed as if it were dirt or earth that was flat. The part I was permitted to see of the tunnel was as if it were made out of concrete and have been carved out. 5. What emotions did you feel during the experience? As bizarre as it seems, I don’t recall having any emotions at all. I wasn’t happy; I wasn’t sad. Yet, I was not worried or concerned either. It’s difficult to explain but it was almost as if I was completing a mindless task such as folding towels. Only here, I mindlessly completed the task of walking forward. I knew or felt there was something else going on. 6. During your experience, did you gain information about universal connection or oneness? Yes There seem to be the unification of thoughts and or communication. 7. Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience? Because I was not raised Catholic and had no knowledge of their beliefs, I somewhat feel that there may be a purgatory. If someone takes their life, it’s as if the scales have to be weighed in order to find out their final destination. I can’t describe how I know this. Thank you for listening to this video. Learning About Heaven is going to offer some of the best NDE experiences to listen to, discern and learn. We could all spend a little more time thinking about and learning about HEAVEN. Thank you to NDERF.org who have compiled these wonderful NDEs. This channel is not associated with NDERF.org and NDERF.org has not authorized or approved this channel. Learning About Heaven is offering these Experiences in this small format as a means to further learn and grow.