What is Love? The Burning of Passion & Betrayal

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I don’t know if it’s possible to gain the trust that was lost after that final blow of many betrayals.

It’s more than the goodbye. It’s the lack of effort to nurture the fragile romance, when they know you are committed to making it last & giving them all the love they could ever want. Walking away when the feeling is not there is like never eating again because you were not hungry once.

We all go through periods of apathy with our partner, but the feeling invariably comes back when it needs to come back. What does love feel like?

Love is that look they give you which makes you feel like you just glimpsed a moment in heaven. It’s getting lost in their eyes, wanting to stay in that instant forever. Love is more than wanting to make love.

It is the pure pleasure of spending time with your lover, & experiencing happiness beyond all joy when they make you laugh, cry, or cringe when they do something stupid. Love is desiring to do more for them than they do for you.

Going anywhere at any time to be there for your love, is true & right. Love is feeling shame when you hurt their feelings. When you care about the people who are important to them, even if those people do not fit in your comfort zone, that’s love. Love is committing to them, regardless of others who may try to steer you away. Love is coming to terms with ALL of their faults, & even liking a few of them.

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When the feelings have slipped away, love is sticking it out until the passion comes back around, because it will. Love is letting them go when they have lost their way in this relationship, & praying for God’s wisdom to find them safely. Love is never losing sight of your partner’s deep love for you. My friends, love can’t go away.

It runs in cycles, like the brilliant Sun. It rises every morning & keeps you warm throughout the day, but sometimes it gets too hot, & you must seek shelter from its intensity. We sometimes don’t feel its warmth when it has gone away for a short time.

Then, you find comfort in it once again as it rises & sets upon your life, bringing you all the pleasures that come from its energy. Should we escape from our star to another world, or simply adapt to its power, enjoying the awesome force of this fireball.

Sadly, we often run away from love when it gets too hot, or too cold as the natural cycles dictate. When you find love, don’t ever let go. Take a lesson from our yellow star, a pun from the Sun:

When you run from love, you are playing with fire…