What Will Become Of Women’s Sports?


In recent years, the feminist movement has made grand strides to ensure the equality of opportunity for females in athletics.

NOW, with the advent of transgender privilege, women face an unexpected existential threat to their survival as a sporting gender.

Not ONLY are they on the brink of losing control over their sports to the male self identified females, but they are at certain risk of severe injury or death in contact sporting events.

The dangers also extend to the trans athletes who are mortally at risk in a myriad of aspects.

According to louderwithcrowder.com, here are several factors that cause alarming concern:

      • Men: 300-1200 ng/dL SOURCE: Mayo Clinic
      • Compare Women: 20-70 ng/dL SOURCE: Mayo Clinic
      • Testosterone enhances red blood cell production, decreases fat, increases muscle, and increases bone density. SOURCE: Mayo Clinic
    • BONE DENSITY: MEN: 26-45.5% higher bone mass than women. SOURCE: PubMed
    • LUNGS: Women have smaller lung capacities and decreased pulmonary function during exercise. SOURCE: PubMed
    • BODY FAT %: In general, men have less body fat than women. SOURCE: PubMed
  • Maybe not ALL high school athletes want to compete at the elite level, but some do. And trans athletes compete at the elite level too.
  • Trevor Noah said this example doesn’t matter, but actually, it does! Female Connecticut high school athletes are routinely cheated out of state track titles by two biological males. SOURCES: NYPostNBC
    • Cece Tefler of Franklin Pierce University won the NCAA championship in the women’s 400m run … as a biological male. SOURCE: Outsports
    • Rachel McKinnon, a biological male, won a women’s cycling world championship. SOURCE: CTV
    • “Mary Gregory” set the masters world record for the squat, deadlift, AND bench press while competing as a woman, before being stripped of the records and screaming outrage. SOURCE: WaPo
    • New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard won two gold medals at the Pacific Games and was on track to dominate the sport until a serious injury. SOURCE: Wired
    • The Australian women’s national soccer team lost 7-0 to a team of 15-year-old boys. SOURCE: Evening Standard
    • 203rd-ranked German Karsten Braasch beat Serena Williams and Venus Williams back-to-back at the 1998 Australian Open. SOURCE: TennisNow

CLAIM: No negative effects of puberty blockers. SOURCE: YouTube

  • Negative effects: SOURCE: Mayo Clinic
    • Weight gain
    • Hot flashes
    • Headaches
    • Bone density
    • Future fertility
  • Stunted genital growth SOURCE: GenderHQ
  • Mood disorders SOURCE: Pubmed
  • Not to mention the 42% attempted suicide rate as the result of becoming transgender!

CLAIM: Republicans are just against this because of hate! SOURCE: YouTube

  • Actually, it’s because of the negative medical effects, suicide rates, co-occuring psychiatric disorders, prevalence of past trauma among transgender people, and the danger and injustice of having biological males compete against women.
  • And the cherry on top is the VAST MAJORITY of Americans oppose biological males in women’s sports. SOURCE: Rasmussen
  • Just 28% supported transgender athletes participating on the sports team of their gender identity.

As you can clearly see, this new insane agenda from leftists will obliterate all advancements made by women in sports, & cause untold harm to millions of people!

But HEY, if you bring up this objection to the woke brokers, you’re a BIGOT !!!