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Most smart contracts out there attract 50-70K people.

Then they die due to the fact they were never really built to last, only to make the creator rich.

Zeus’ Bounty is different, and our shelf life will be much longer than all previous smart contracts.

That’s due to the value being received outside the smart contract itself. When we can eliminate a monthly expense and replace it with monthly income, all of a sudden joining Zeus’ Bounty becomes the easiest decision ever.

Besides, what company pays you to join? What company gives you an upline and downline to earn from instantly?

As Zeus grows the website will display a running total of BNB/money given to our members and to charity.

This will be an incredibly powerful thing to see.

FOMO (fear of missing out) will be a huge factor for people.

Between cutting out a monthly bill and the FOMO created by the generosity of Zeus, our conversion rate will be tremendous.

We have a level for everyone here. For as little as $60 someone can start with Zeus. Or for the heavy hitters they can max out on day 1 with $6,000.

I’m sure you fall somewhere in there. Most will begin with 1 BNB as that is the sweet spot where you get a total of 16 in your up and downline and you qualify for a bonus pool share.

Do note: Your income is NOT determined by your contribution level. Just because you start with more does not mean you will earn more. Want to earn more?


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