Zoe Lofgren: Speaker Johnson Is Not Credible — ‘He’s a Bozo’


Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is a “bozo” whose claim that he misspoke when he said that Republicans were blurring out the faces of rioters from the January 6 Capitol footage to prevent prosecution by the Justice Department.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “What did you make of Speaker Johnson’s comments clearly saying he wants to blur faces of rioters before releasing the footage to … protect them from retaliation not only from the general public but from the Department of Justice,” said Tapper. “His office putting out a response that he meant only private citizens. That’s not what he said.”

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Lofgren said, “That is not what he said. Basically, it tells me two things. One, he’s trying to protect criminals. This is really obstruction of justice. But also, he’s a bozo. Doesn’t he realize that all of this video is already being shared with the FBI?”

She added, “Just the word about Mike Johnson misspeaking: I served with Mike for many years, he speaks his mind very carefully. I never heard him misspeak. He’s very direct. I generally don’t agree with him, but the idea that he misspoke is really not credible.”

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