I Was Attacked By A Demon!


Last night, I had a dream that reveals our power in The Lord God Himself.

I was in a public place sitting at a counter as an attractive girl passed by.

The guy next to me allowed his eyes to chase the woman, but my gaze was directed to an ominous looking muscular man with demonic teeth who shot me an impish grin, as if my next few moments were fated to be very painful.

Suddenly, this dark beast lunged at me with a toothy vengeance, & I am quite sure his intentions were not cordial.

Just as swiftly, several large men swept in to restrain the devilish monster, while still allowing him to stand in my presence.

At this point, an overwhelming sense of Godly authority fell upon me, as I thundered repeatedly aloud, “In the name of JESUS!

Within seconds, this ugly man began to dissolve in a powerful whirlwind in front of our eyes…

You see, we have more power than we even understand, IF we trust in The Lord, against all evidence that shows otherwise.

When the evil one rages upon us, we have angels specifically assigned by GOD to protect us, while simultaneously affording us the opportunity to banish the Devil.

Take this dream as a sign of FAITH, that God is REAL & evil can be destroyed.

“Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” -1 John 4:4