WATCH: An Enraged Travis Kelce Slams Into Andy Reid After Turnover


The Kansas City Chiefs amassed a mere 16 yards of total offense in the first quarter, and after a turnover from Isaiah Pacheco, Travis Kelce erupted on the sidelines and slammed into his head coach.

An angered Travis Kelce slammed into Andy Reid with enough force to knock him over.

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Chiefs wide receiver stepped in between Kelce and his shocked coach before the situation escalated. Kelce had only one target up until that point in the game.

X users were quick to reach to the surprising scene.

Things calmed down after the tense moment. However, the 49ers extended their 3-0 lead to 10-0 after a 21-yard touchdown reception by Christian McCaffrey. The 49ers currently maintain that same lead with two minutes left in the first half.