“I Have PTSD From My NDE” Michael’s Near Death Experience #nde – Learning About Heaven EP 254


“I Have PTSD From My NDE” is the Near Death Experience of Michael who died from a hospital-induced drug overdose and finds himself in the Void. And nothing else. https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1michael_b_nde_8631.html Thumbnail Photo Credit: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/woodcut-style-expressionistic-image-of-jef-thompson.html?product=art-print Experience:. 9/6/2011
Documented on NDERF: 9/9/2018 1. I went into respiratory arrest and stopped breathing for several minutes due to the overdose of medication given to me. From what I remembered, I was no longer on the planet. I do not remember leaving my physical body but I was in a black void. There I experienced no time, no pain, and no nothing. I generally felt like I was in a black room, yet I could not see any walls. I felt that there were several people around me at that time. I could not see anyone but I had a very strange feeling that I was not alone. I could not make out anything in this space. I could not see myself or others. I did not see any objects. I saw just pure blackness and a lack of any light. 2. I have also experienced PTSD signs and symptoms that have affected my daily life. I had a panic attack shortly after this incident. My wife and I were in the movie theater and it went dark. I rushed out the theater because I flashed back to the near death experience. The intense feeling of needing to get out of that environment was more than I could handle. I felt like I was having a panic attack. The PTSD has since been under control and I feel some what better. 3. I wake up everyday from sleep thinking that I should not be here. I have regrets about coming back to life. I have a very hard time dealing with what I went through and I get very upset when I hear that people had a pleasant near death experience when I had the opposite experience. I felt as if I was in purgatory and that maybe I was being put in this place as some type of judgment. But I have never lived a bad life. I was a police officer and saved people's lives. I am a good person, so why was I being judged or being put into this void? 4. Have you ever shared this experience with others? Yes I told my wife and I have told several people and still tell them. I told a hospice nurse what happened to me and he told me that I described the first stage of death. He told me that I did not die enough to experience the light and other things that happen during a near death experience. I would say when I talk about what happened to me it has been positive. The only negative thing is when I hear people talking about meeting God or Jesus, I have a strong sense of calling that BS. Thank you for listening to this video. Learning About Heaven is going to offer some of the best NDE experiences to listen to, discern and learn. We could all spend a little more time thinking about and learning about HEAVEN. Thank you to NDERF.org who have compiled these wonderful NDEs. This channel is not associated with NDERF.org and NDERF.org has not authorized or approved this channel. Learning About Heaven is offering these Experiences in this small format as a means to further learn and grow.