Long Live Rush Limbaugh: His Mettle Personifies The Medal Of Freedom


One year ago, the great Rush Limbaugh was awarded his medal of freedom that he earned long before President Trump graced the Oval Office.

It’s ironic that Donald bestowed this honor upon Rush, since he was at the vanguard of ushering in the Trump era, & without our man behind the golden mic, we may never have been blessed with the MAGA Presidency.

El Rushbo was Trump before Trump was Trump!

His grand wisdom & talent on loan from God has opened our eyes to the real enemies of America, giving us the power to win our freedom back from all tyrants who oppress us. This is empirically provable by examining the experiences of countless Americans who call the EIB program to tell Rush how much he changed their lives for the better.

In my own life, Rush came along on the national scene just as I was settling into my college years. Before Limbaugh, society was conditioned to respect the honor & dignity of public service, & the agents who carry out the business of government discourse.

We tacitly accepted the sincerity of these people. The vast majority believed the best of their intentions & respect for the citizenry, regardless of any disagreements in principle.

The bliss of our ignorance was blown to bits by Rush, as he clearly & carefully laid out the blueprints of such ugly truth about these Bureaucratic bastards!

The first time you hear him dismantle the phony grand aura of these monsters, it jars your sense of decorum, as if he has just violated a sacred civil trust. It’s like that unwritten rule forbidding the disparagement of our civic leaders, & we have been warned NOT to encourage those who break it.

Rush effortlessly spanks these purported giants out of the sky like dead ducks, revealing their weaknesses & biases that shows us they are subject to the universal sinful nature of man, but they are worse, because they believe they are better than us.

I achieve an impish gratification from witnessing Rush’s accurate predictions about their corrupt nature & behavior unfold before our eyes! And THIS is the crux of his wisdom, & bullish courage to say what many are too afraid to utter…

Now we come full circle, to the man who I BELIEVE learned a great deal from Rush Limbaugh, & took this knowledge into the White House in 2017. Trump honored our great broadcaster as a token of his personal thanks, & a grateful America.

If you ever read this, Mr. Limbaugh, I want you to know that your hard work will save our great country from the demons who seek to destroy us, no matter what happens in this present struggle. Even if God calls you home before you see it, your influence lays down a vast dragnet of freedom that stops all tyranny in its tracks for generations to come!

Although far too overdue, Rush has more than earned this Presidential Medal Of Freedom!

Thank you, RUSH !!!


UPDATE: Sadly, Rush has passed into eternity. He will always be remembered as our greatest radio warrior of all time

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